Greenhall Nursery

and Little Learners

Children at the Playground

Mission Statement, Vision & Values


'Each child is treated as a unique individual.' Ofsted, 2013 

Learning together, having fun! 
We aim to provide high quality, child centered education which will maximise every child's potential. We are dedicated to whole-child development and want to inspire our children to be actively engaged in their learning, to be as independent as possible, to take risks, to learn from and with others  and to believe in themselves. We want our children to know they have a 'voice' and to provide them with the tools to use this. We want to give our children the best start – to lay the foundations for later learning. 
  • We provide a happy, safe, secure, caring, supportive and nurturing environment where all are accepted, valued, celebrated and encouraged to be the best that they can be.
  • We use Conductive Education as a teaching method to enable children to access a highly differentiated curriculum 
  • We follow the EYFS, focussing on the prime areas of learning that are often affected in our children's development because of their needs and disabilities.
  • We provide a total communication approach. We are committed to providing our children with a range of tools to support their communication and support the development of an inclusive society. 
  • We work in partnership with children and their families – we support them to enjoy and achieve!

'The school has excellent partnerships with parents and carers, who are kept fully up to date with their children’s progress. They rely on the school as a source of guidance, support and multi-disciplinary expertise'. Ofsted, 2013.

Our School Values: 

The school vision is underpinned by our school values and associated behaviours
  • Enjoy & achieve
  • Respect
  • Support
  • Collective responsibility