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Conductive Education





Greenhall Nursery is proud of its Conductive Education heritage and the positive impact that this has had on children’s development. Today, we recognise the diverse needs of our school population and acknowledge the importance of working with the available resources yet still believe that ALL children with physical needs benefit from the principles of Conductive Education.


With our learners with physical disabilities, we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage through the holistic learning approach of Conductive Education. Conductive Education aims to encourage pupils to be active learners and problem solvers in every situation.


The Conductive Education System provides the structure within which all of the pupils needs are met. This includes personal, social and emotional skills, communication and physical development and also enables the children to have access to a broad and balanced Curriculum.   Conductive Education therefore is not a ‘subject’ and does not operate in isolation but underpins all aspects of learning within the school.


Conductive Education prepares pupils for inclusion into their local community and/or mainstream school as appropriate. The pupils at Greenhall Nursery learn how to adapt their skills to function in new situations that they are likely to face in their wider environment. The Nursery also plans opportunities for social inclusion through link days with local mainstream schools where children are facilitated to ensure success and enjoyment.



Effective Teaching and Learning


Conductive Education recognises pupil’s individual needs and learning styles and differentiates to meet these. Pupils work within a variety of groups and structured planning ensures that individual needs are met. Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners and decision makers which prepares them to meet the challenges of everyday life.


Staff in school act as positive role models and are aware of and involved in the process of setting appropriate goals which are challenging but achievable to ensure all pupils experience success. It is a vital part of the process that all staff identify opportunities for learning that naturally arise during the school day. This involves utilising every activity as a learning opportunity.




During the Task Series pupils are involved in a series of differentiated physical activities whilst accessing the Early Years Foundation Stage. The day is planned to provide opportunities for all pupils to apply and practice these skills in a wide range of situations.


Conductive Education is wider than the school curriculum and reaches into all elements of the pupil’s life, including their home life. In order for children to practise skills learnt consistently across the whole day it is essential to develop strong partnerships with parents/carers through encouraging them to play an active role in school life. This may involve working alongside their child or observing their child in a variety of situations.


The ‘School for Parents’ (SFP) is available for the parents of very young children and promotes the importance of Early Intervention. The aim of SFP is to teach parents how to work with and promote their child’s development and learning. It actively encourages parents to be involved throughout their child’s school career, whether it is at Greenhall or an alternative provision. The added benefit of having parents meet together and naturally ‘network’ and provide support for each other cannot be ignored.




In order to monitor progress of individual pupils, staff maintain records of continual assessment. These are based on observations and are used to inform future planning and individual pupil programmes. Pupil’s progress is recorded in the children’s Learning Journeys.



The school have two Conductor-Teachers who are responsible for the development of Conductive Education at the Nursery. She writes the task series and develops and monitors practise across the whole-school to ensure that opportunities for the children to be active and independent are maximised. There is an emphasis on CPD with new staff taking part in in-house training on Conductive Education and ongoing skill development of all staff through planned whole-school focus areas.


Equal Opportunities


All pupils have access to all areas of the curriculum regardless of age, ability, gender or race.



Access Statement


All the pupils in School have an entitlement to the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is further enriched by additional curricular opportunities.


Each pupil has a ‘Personalised Learning Plan’ that ensures the curriculum is differentiated to meet their specific needs. Pupils in school access the curriculum through the holistic approach that is Conductive Education and pupils are empowered to achieve and succeed in all aspects of learning.