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Organisation at Greenhall Nursery


Organisation at Greenhall Nursery



The school's individualised induction programme aims to make the transition into school life as smooth as possible for all children and their parents. Hence we arrange:


  • A visit and tour of the school and an opportunity to meet with staff working in the Early Years department.
  • Opportunities for children to spend time in school, both with and without their parents.

The manner in which children are introduced to the school depends on their individual needs. Some children visit over a period of time with and without their parents. Other children build up from half days without their parents. Once children are attending school without their parents, contact is maintained through the home – school diary and telephone conversations. 


Staffing and organisation of classes

Greenhall has two classes (mixed age with children grouped according to needs) each headed by a Teacher-Conductor / Teacher who is assisted by support staff. Our governor run nursery, 'Little Learners' is also based onsite. Physiotherapists are an integral part of the staff team and spend time working with the children. Every child participates in a hydrotherapy /swimming session in the school pool. In addition to this the school is supported by Speech and Language Therapists, a teacher for hearing and visually impaired pupils and an educational psychologist, as well as other professionals as needed. 


Organisation will change annually depending on the number of pupils. However, we will endeavour to recognise pupils individualised needs whilst ensuring all pupils have equal access to activities regardless of age, ability, gender or race.


The Early Years Foundation Stage is organised into times in which the children take part in teacher led activities, and times in which they can choose from a variety of carefully planned activities based within the seven areas of learning and designed to help children progress through developmental stages, towards the Early Learning Goals. Learning activities are planned by the teacher with input from the rest of the team.


Our planning is topic based - for the Autumn term (2) 2019 the topic is Celebrations.